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Prepared after original German recipes and proudly produced in the US, Tante Käthe brings the German Taste and "Gemütlichkeit" right to your home.

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Tante Käthe
Frikadellen Seasoning Mix

Tante Käthe Frikadellen

Tante Käthe Frikadellen Mix makes it so easy to enjoy the great German Taste
Just add a cup of Water, an Egg and 1 lbs of grounded Meat.
It is your choice if you take beef or pork, or like the most Germans do, you mix it half half.
With the dough you can make Paddy's, Meatballs or even a Meatloaf.
Always a good idea is to add a brown Gravy and Mashed Potatoes or Noodles.
That's it ?
No, there is more, Customers told us that they make Stuffed Peppers and Cabbage Rolls with it...
The results are all ways the same, Tante Käthe Mmmhhh, Yummy

Where YOU can GET IT

These Grocery Stores are actually carrying Tante Käthe products:

From North to South

  • Covered Wagon Farm Market

    607 N Main St, Englewood, OH 45322

  • McMaken's IGA Brookville

    1 McMaken Ln, Brookville, OH 45309

  • Dot’s Market

    2274 Patterson Rd, Kettering, OH 45420

  • Dot’s Market

    118 West Franklin/St. Route 725, Bellbrook, OH 45305

  • Hunter IGA Express

    4077 W. St. Rt. 122, Franklin, OH 45005